Reinforce Encoding of Evolutionary Strategies

We are a research community from MIT and Broad Institute, fostering scientific discovery through interdisciplinary collaboration 



Our mission is:



  • Use and develop hybrid machine learning models suitable to understand complex biological networks and study human disease
  • Develop machine learning models inspired by allostatic adaptations observed in biological systems




"He who opens a school door, closes a prison." - Victor Hugo

  • Hidden Markov Models



  • Reinforcement Learning



  • Restricted Boltzmann machines



  • Autoencoders



  • Natural Language Processing



  • CNNs and RNNs



  • Systems networks



Existing machine learning models lack allostatic strategies. In addition, current systems offer great performance in narrow environments...

Applied Research


Biology and medicine are data-intensive disciplines. Within the next years, this will increase exponentially. Extracting relevant information within complex biological systems has become a priority...



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